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Men around the world, concerned with maximizing erection size and enhancing sexual performance have resorted to all sorts of measures – pumps, dangerous pills and even stretching devices. In fact, you can't open a magazine or a newspaper today without being bombarded by companies advertising herbal formula based virility pills that claim to increase your penis size. Unfortunately, most of these companies will tell you that it will take 3 – 4 weeks to see results, if at all!

The MAXODERM Innovative Approach To Male Enhancement

MAXODERM ™ is the ONLY sexual performance product of its kind that is scientifically engineered with Vasotran Auctum™, a patent pending formula that uses a Targeted Delivery System with a unique herbal blend to increase blood flow to the penis. Using MAXODERM ™ regularly, not only increases size, but also intensifies orgasms, prolongs erections, and enhances sexual stamina. And, MAXODERM ™'s powerful Vaso-Dilation properties create an exhilarating sensation that will undoubtedly enhance your sexual experience. MAXODERM ™ is the ONLY male enhancement formula on the market that you can actually FEEL working! Compare MAXODERM With Other Brands


Most exciting of all is that MAXODERM ™ begins working with your very first use!
You WILL feel an immediate difference!

MAXODERM ™ is also 100% natural … 100% safe

Unlike a pill taken orally, MAXODERM uses one of the latest breakthroughs in scientific technology, Unique Targeted Delivery System - which has been touted by doctors around the world as the supplement delivery method of the future. MAXODERM's patent pending formula - VASOTRAN AUCTUM - creates an immediate effect because the ingredients are delivered through the skin rather than going through the extensive dilutive processes of the digestive system (which is exactly what takes place when swallowing a pill, tablet or capsule).

MAXODERM's Innovative Approach

MAXODERM's approach is fresh and new. As previously stated Transdermal Delivery is one of the hottest scientific breakthroughs to come in years, making oral delivery systems obsolete.



Only 5% reach cells. 95% of substances reach the desired area.
Bodily organs discard majority of pill ingested. Directly applied to the desired area.
Can take up to 4-6 weeks to see results if at all. Begins working INSTANTLY

95% of MAXODERM ™'s powerful formula reaches the desired area. Therefore, you realize almost 100% of your investment.

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Maxoderm ™ Testimonial

“I've been using an herbal virility pill that claimed that I would see 'amazing results' inside of 3 weeks. In 3 months, I had seen nothing. I decided to try MAXODERM and with my first use, I knew this product was different - I was blown away by the sensation and there was an instant difference in my penis size upon application. And I love the idea of not having to take any more hard to swallow pills. This stuff is the real deal - INSTANT RESULTS and SAFER DELIVERY. Thanks MAXODERM ... from me AND my wife!

Jason C.
Albany, NY”

Compare MAXODERM to other male enhancement methods

Compare MAXODERM ™

The following analysis compares MAXODERM ™ to other male enhancement products currently on the market such as Vig-Rx ™, Enzyte ™, Magna-Rx ™, and SizeMax ™, all of which promote their formulas through a pill or capsule taken orally.

Vig-Rx ™ Enzyte ™ Magna-Rx ™ SizeMax ™ MAXODERM
Prescription Necessary NO NO NO NO NO
Provides Instant Results NO NO NO NO YES
Uses Transdermal Delivery NO NO NO NO YES
Diluted by Digestive Process YES YES YES YES NO
Maximizes Rate of Absorbtion NO NO NO NO YES
Provides Enhanced Sensation NO NO NO NO YES

In summary, the analysis demonstrates the superior properties of MAXODERM ™ compared with the likes of Vig-Rx ™, Enzyte ™, Magna-Rx ™, and SizeMax ™. Simply put, pills taken orally are not as effective as the scientifically designed MAXODERM ™.


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